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Poster: James Lee McKigney Date: Jun 29, 2013 11:08am
Forum: faqs Subject: Thinking about building a Retrocomputing archive of sorts

Hello there, My name is James Lee McKigney and I am looking forward to contributing to the site.

Basically I am a retro computing nut. I have the game files and I also am building a library of retro computing literature, magazines, "how to operate" videos, informative videos, you name it.

It will be more of a mirror of various sources and I might add in a little extra like the "Gamebase" series. (without the emulators to run them of course, they need to get the emulators on their own in order to run the stuff because I don't want to get sued while building the mirror/archive combo.) I will not be providing any emulations of 3rd generation and higher video game consoles that are known. No Nintendo, and No Sega Because I don't want to invoke their wrath.

Look, the point is I want to contribute to this site and I will have to get to various sources, grab as much stuff as I can while they still have them, and then ask them in order to get the okay to put everything into this project. I will not rest until I crammed as much stuff as I can in organized fashion.

So what do you say? Should I go for it or not?